Medical Face Goggles - Individually Sealed


Top quality, anti-fog medical goggles with breath valves.


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    Medical Face Goggles - Individually Sealed.

    • Its crucial for health and front line workers to keep protected. Wearing the appropriate protection is so important if you come in close contact with people throughout the day.

      Made to a top grade quality when compared to other Face Goggles sold online and individually sealed.

      These medical goggles are designed to give you anti-fog cover that helps to reduce direct impact from airborne liquids.

      Main Features 

      Environmental protection and high transparancy with clear field of vision. The googles can be worn over normal glasses.

      High-strength anti-impact, anti-fog, anti-spalsh.

      The flat arc frame conforms to the contour of the face.

      The product is suitable for various epidemic prevention work, such as hospitals, cleaning, security, police, quarantine, pollutant treatment.

      Lightweight for all day wear.

      Optically clear all round vision.

      Helps to protects from spray caused by coughing and sneezing.

      Wipe clean surface.

      CE marked.